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Talk with us today and we will tailor a plan to meet your expectations at a fraction of the cost of hiring new staff!

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One of our newer ways to serve you is the retained services program.  This program is a custom response for our clients who have a small staff, but a large need to keep up with the Mission!  This program gives you a professional to focus on your needs every week.  BCS provides your organization with 8 hours a week of indivudual attention.  This program provides both the fundraising and administrative functions of your development campaign.



Administrative Package - Your organization gets an average of 8 hours a week of your own fundraising administrative assistant. Each Friday you send us your weeks fundraising deposits. BCS enters the data into your database or fundraising software (such as Raisers Edge). We then send each donor a thank you note and tax letter. We also give each donor a personal thank you call from your organization. This keeps you organized, builds donor cultivation and keeps you on mission. Our team will even help you to get out your next appeal letter! This package is $1000 a month. A full time administrative assistant with benefits averages about $33,000 a year!

Regional Fundraiser Package - This package puts a seasoned fundraiser working a specific territory for an average eight to ten hours a week. This person works for you. They research donors, make cultivation calls and then the actual ask. Now you can have a professional taking clients to lunch, mailing cultivation materials and keeping up on those prospect calls. This package is $1200 a month and gives your nonprofit a professional presence. On average this position can cultivate 300 donors and work up to 1000 new prospect solicitations a year. That means your new development professional will raise $75,000 a year if your average donor gives only $250 a year. On top of that by working 1000 new prospects you add an average of 30 new donors a year.

Special Events Coordination Package - Do you have that one special event every year? Does it eat up your staff time and mission productivity? Let BCS put one of our team members on your special event for an average of eight hours a week. They plan the event, recruit volunteers, engage social media, cultivate sponsors and recruit participants. Best of all they run the event and provide detailed accounting. All you do is take the money to the bank! Finally, you can have that signature event without burning out your staff. This is completely turnkey. Don't have an event yet? Your Special Event Coordinator with help you find your niche. This position is $1000 a month. Even a small event of $30,000 will net you $18,000 a year and provide new donor prospects and priceless public awareness. 

One of the most successful programs we offer our clients is our end of the year Season of Giving Christmas Card Campaign! We send out handwritten and addressed Christmas Cards to all your donors. This adds that personal touch that helps your mission-makers feel appreciated. We then follow up with a end of year appeal. We focus on that one mission critical need of the organization. This campaign works very well. It makes our donors feel appreciated and gives them the chance to give that end of year gift that makes a difference!

Because of the popularity and logistics of this program please reserve your spot early.


The Fine Print.......

Retained Services

*Your new pro will represent your brand.  When talking with clients they will use your brand name not BCS.  They are a part of your staff!

*The eight hour a week work load can fluxuate.  Some weeks there may only be 6 hours of work for your pro and some there might be 12.  We do not change the charge for these services.  If you seem to be using way less time or way more time, we will contact you to see if another plan might be more suitable.  Also some time shifts will be made for crunch time.  For example your Special Events Coordinator may need to work 40 hours the week of an event.  This is factored into your plan.

*These plans are a great deal and they do require a one year contact. Yes, we do offer discounts if you want a whole fundraising team.  Imagine having a whole development department without the cost and benefits expense.

*Do I get a certain day of the week?  In some cases YES, in others it might be more productive to have your representative split out a couple of hours for you each day.  We will tailor your plan with you.